customer support

I have been involved within Helpdesk operations at various levels throughout my career.

My Helpdesk involvement begins with the direct handling of inbound support phone calls and ends with my having the overall management responsibility for all Helpdesk functions within several corporations.

My experience includes all of the following Helpdesk tasks or management elements:

Support Activity Matrix

Technology Type Where Acquired
Active Directory Working Knowledge Citigroup
Adobe Products Webpedal
Antivirus - McAfee Webpedal, Dell
Cabling and Hardware Troubleshooting All
IBM Lotus Notes/Domino CSC
Microsoft Office, 2003, 2007 CSC, Citigroup, Blockbuster, Webpedal
Microsoft Outlook, 2003, 2007 and Exchange Server CSC, Citigroup, Blockbuster
Password Reset Citigroup
Printers – Local and Networked CSC, Citigroup
VPN Remote User Troubleshooting CSC, Dell
Web Browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari Webpedal
Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista CSC, Webpedal

Experience Matrix

Company My Title End User Type Helpdesk Analysts Avg. Call Volume (Monthly)
CompuCom Quality Analyst Corporate⁄Banking NA NA
Citigroup Helpdesk Analyst Corporate HR 12 (Dedicated) 6,000
Blockbuster Helpdesk Manager Corporate 16 (Leveraged) 2,000
CSC Service Delivery Manager (Leveraged) Corporate and External Customer 30 (Leveraged) 10,000
Aetna Helpdesk Manager (Leveraged) Corporate 8 (Dedicated) 2,500
UTD Data Center Manager (Leveraged) Corporate 8 (Leveraged) 1,200