Problem (Incident) Management

I have extensive experience as an Operational Support Manager leading recovery efforts from start to finish. Recovery teams I've managed range from a few support individuals to over 15 core support resolvers and 30 ancillary Subject Matter Experts.

The following lists are suggestive of outage recoveries I've led as a Data Center Manager, Service Delivery Manager, and Global Availability Manager:

Data Center

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Infrastructure (Domestic and International)


On February 1, 2003 the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated and crashed in Texas killing all seven crew members.

The Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) documented the root causes of the event along with recommended preventive measures. It is a spell-binding case study describing how large organizations create their own disasters and could be considered required reading for anyone involved in problem, incident, or change management. I've read the report cover to cover.

The lessons learned apply to numerous disciplines including Technology risk management. Click here to see the report.

Since Problem and Change Management are so closely linked click here to see my Change Management page.