Web Design

Websites, Graphics and Illustration

To view my portfolio visit www.itsawebsitething.com

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Most website design and development work I'm involved with require project plans. The applications I use to create plans are Microsoft Project 2016 , ProjectLibre, and ProjectManager.com.

My current design and development workflow environment is based on Adobe Creative Suite CC and is comprised of the following select components:

I have strong confidence in my coding skills using HTML5 and CSS3. Like many designers I grew my skills within XHTML v1.0, HTML4 and CSS2 and made the jump to HTML5 and CSS3 back in the day.

My portfolio, ItsaWebsiteThing.com, has been coded in HTML5 and CSS3 as an example of these skills and both the HTML and CSS validate as indicated by the W3C validation badge located in the footer of each page.

ItsaWebsiteThing.com is a responsive-hybrid website.

I’ve been involved in both responsive website design and wireless/mobile UI layer technologies for some time now.